Expert Reports

Expert activity in the field of CHP technology
Since 28.06.2012 I am publicly appointed by the Chamber of Commerce as an expert for cogeneration with CHP plants.

The preparation of expert reports and expert services will be carried out in accordance with the European standard EN 16775: 2015 (General requirements for expert services).

Expert services that are provided for you ...

  • Court expert opinion
  • Damage assessment for insurance companies
  • Safety inspections
  • Private expert opinion
  • Residual valuation according to the principles of machines and operating facilities
  • Performance test and acceptance of CHP-plants Expert opinion in accordance with the AGFW FW 308
  • Expert advice to primary energy savings and energy efficiency in accordance with the EU Directive 2004/8 / EC
  • Operating cost determination of CHP plants according to VDI guideline 2077
  • Review of price escalation clauses in maintenance and supply contracts
  • Evaluating tenders for CHP plants
  • Measurement and recording of energy profiles
  • Economics feasibility studies Evaluation and analysis of load profile data Analysis of malfunctions and causes of malfunction on CHP-units

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